What is there to a painting besides the image?

By producing variations of the same image, this series of works helps the viewer appreciate a variety of interpretations of an image and how each interpretation triggers a different response. It also gives the viewer an appreciation of the thought-process an artist goes through when conceiving a work: what style, what medium, what colours, etc. ?

One Image Many stories

I’ve heard it claimed that all story telling can be reduced to a high-level plot of coping with the disruption of the status quo until a new order is etsablished. All stories follow all or part of this plot. What make each interesting are the variations on how the plot is followed.


In this series of works I have created a number of works based on the same image. They may all tell the same story but each evokes a different series of thoughts, whether it is mood, drama, action, culture, memory, art history, etc. Hence each creates a different story.