Dynamic Works

Colour is my primary inspiration. In my teens I admired the Impressionists and their use of colour and visible brush stokes to create images with vitality. I have been pursuing this vitality using different approaches. In some of my works, such as the Pixelworks series, I explore the relationships between photography, computer image manipulation, as a means of creating visually dynamic images. I in this series I explore the division of images into sections and rendering each with different spatial treatments, and integrating these into an overall composition. Andy Warhol did some similar explorations by repeating the same image and giving each a different colour treatment to create visibly stimulating compositions.


In the works below the viewer’s eye that has to do a lot of movement over what could have been a much less complex representation. The overall effect creates a sense of action or dynamism. I find this method lends itself well to images related to movement although I have also used it for static compositions to create a sense of nervous energy or vitality. For the action images, I chose the shapes for the image subdivisions to relate to the subject matter, for examples motorcyles leaning into a curve, or the G-force on a race car on a banked curve.

Port Dover, 22 ft x 4 ft mural, Acrylic on Canvas panels
Jazz Club, 54x 38 Acrylic
Hockey Star, 30 x 40 Acrylic
The Curve, 48 x24 Acrylic
The Runners, 30x 36 Acrylic
Perception 26 x 38" Acrylic on Canvas
Race Car, 24 x 30" Acrylic
The Winner, 30 x30" Acrylic
AMG, 18 x 24 Acrylic
The Horns of Moses, 24x 30 Acrylic
Finish Frenzy, 26 x36 Acrylic
Pursuit, 48 x 48 Acrylic
Being, 24 x48 Acrylic