Richard Comparey is an award-winning artist who makes his home in North Toronto and at Fletcher Lake, Haliburton. He continues Fine Arts studies at OCAD University.
Richard’s works have been selected for exhibition at juried art shows sponsored by the Ontario Society of Artists (OSA) and the Colour and Form Society. Richard has also exhibited in a variety of public institutions and galleries like the Toronto Public Library and the John B. Aird Gallery (MacDonald Block).


As a side-bar, Richard is a happily retired telecommunications engineer and chief construction officer at his cottage.


Artist Statement:

Colour is my primary inspiration. In my teens I admired the Impressionists, and their use of colour and visible brush stokes to create images with vitality. I have been pursuing this vitality using different approaches. In some of my works I explore the relationships between photography, computer image manipulation, and painting as a means of creating visually dynamic images. In other works, I have been exploring the division of images into sections and rendering each with different spatial treatments, to then subsequently integrate them into an overall composition.